Minneapolis Clinic & Exhibition 2008

OCTOBER 3rd & 4th, 2008

One of the missions of the APTA is to bring the great game of platform tennis to new areas of the country and to revive the sport in cities where it was once booming.

The APTA/PPTA kicked off the year in Minneapolis on October 3rd and 4th. Mark Fischl (Long Island), Todd Ward (Cincinnati), Eric Moran (Chicago), and Rob Bakker (Cincinnati) headed to the city for a weekend of clinics, exhibitions and pro educational seminars.

Minikahda Club MinneapolisOn Friday night the team arrived at the Minikahda Club in Minneapolis. We were greeted with pizza and soft drinks before heading out on the court. We had a 3-1/2 hour crash course on the finer points of teaching platform on the court while trying to share fresh ideas off the court. Our goal is to build a bigger and better program within the different clubs in the area. Six pros attended, led by the Head Racquets Professional Gary Aasen from Minikahda Club.

Saturday started with a 2-1/2 hour clinic attended by 25 people on Minekahda’s beautiful four-court facility. The players ranged from beginner to advanced club level and a great time was had by all. There were games, prizes, and giveaways thanks to Viking/Prince for their generosity in sponsoring the events. At the conclusion of the clinic, the team went out on the court for a short exhibition to showcase the fun and teamwork that is required to play this great game effectively.

Following a brief lunch, we drove over to the Edina Country Club where two brand-new courts were being christened along with a new paddle/tennis building. Here, we found 35 hungry new players. They came in all abilities and ages. Most of the group had not even seen the game before and were fascinated by the ease at which they picked it up. The Head Racquets Professional Greg Wicklund organized a fantastic group that enjoyed three hours of fun and play.

The team finished with a fun play-in session over at the Woodhill Country Club, where the APTA kicked off an event two years ago. We were given strict orders by Paddle Meister John Bryan (he originated the Oktoberfest Tournament many years ago) as to which of the four courts to play on during their opening night.

Bryan reports a new league has formed in Minneapolis with several new courts in the area. Minneapolis is experiencing slow but steady growth in platform the last couple of years. With the renewal of the league and some tennis pros taking on new positions as platform instructors, things are moving in a very positive direction in Minneapolis.

Next stop for the APTA/PPTA: Atlanta and Charlottesville!

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