Hall of Fame Induction of Flip Goodspeed and Scott Mansager

JANUARY 17, 2009

The Midwesterns played out the way most Midwesterns have gone for the last several years. What differed this year was that at the Saturday night party at the Ridge Club, 120 people witnessed a little Platform History. Cincinnati benefitted from the lengthy Quarter Final match that Flip and Scott played at last year's Nationals in Rochester. They didn't arrive to their own induction to The Platform Tennis Hall of Fame until after 10:30pm, thus putting a temporary hold on the ceremonies until this year's Midwestern's.

Hall of Fame representatives Steve Baird, Walt Peckinpaugh, and Fritz Odenbach were all on hand to dedicate the honor to the sports greatest team to ever play the game. All talked of the amazing feats the duo accomplished on the court and not to mention off the court as well. Both players addressed the crowd with some lighthearted barbs at each other but humbly accepted the honor with the same ease and grace they displayed on the court for 16 years together.

And oh by the way, Goodspeed/ Mansager defeated Estes / Cochrane 6-4,7-5 in the final. Flip and Scott hope to continue their mastery of Cincinnati this March as they will return and go for their 8th National Title March 5-8.

2009 HOF Induction Mansager Goodspeed
(l to r) Hall of Fame members Walt Peckinpaugh and Fritz Odenbach, new inductees Flip Goodspeed and Scott Mansager, Hall of Fame member Steve Baird

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