2014 Platform Tennis Growing Into Year Round Game

June 16, 2014
Chicago, IL

Platform Tennis is no longer just the sport that pulls you out into the chilly crisp air of a late January snowfall. Now, thanks in part to Viking’s support of the first ever, multi-region summer low-bounce league, platform tennis is a game to be enjoyed on warm summer nights. Further helping drive the growth of the game, Viking earlier this summer announced a partnership with Corona Light, the #1 imported light beer in the U.S. Partnered with the APTA, by all measure, the inaugural season of this triumvirate was a huge success.

2014 Corona Pro

Viking Low Bounce League sponsored by Corona Light

“We knew we weren't going to get all players across the country to join and play summer ball” said Cort Irish, Vice President of Marketing for Viking. “But we set out and said that if we launch this league, build its awareness and get 900-1000 players, that would be a successful year.”

As the official product sponsor of the American Platform Tennis Association (APTA), Viking has focused its efforts this season on growing the sport across the U.S., including additional event elements, the introduction of new products to the game, and now a national beer sponsor to generate continued interest and excitement.

The league kicked off in early April and ran until mid-June, depending on the region. Regions hosting leagues included New Jersey, Rochester, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, , Cincinnati, Boston, Cleveland and Westchester, NY. The APTA, Viking and Corona Light were excited about the inaugural year for this league. “Right now we're at just under 1,300 players and we've been contacted by a few different markets who didn't participate this year but said they want to be in for next summers league,” said Irish.Viking Logo B-W

“It’s no secret the sport is continuing to grow at a rapid pace across the country and our hope was that by offering an opportunity to add an additional season, it would allow this growth to continue through the exposure it will bring for existing and new players interested in getting involved,” added Irish. “With Corona Light getting involved, and the excitement they bring to anything they touch, we expect these numbers to increase dramatically.” “We are excited to bring Corona Light on draft to fans of the APTA, a growing sport with an active fan base,” said Jim Sabia, chief marketing officer at Constellation Brands Beer Division, exclusive U.S. brewer and importer of Corona Light. “The league play environment is perfect for Corona Light, where players and spectators prefer a lighter, lower calorie beer experience without sacrificing taste.”Corono Light Logo

Equally as excited about the league is the APTA. “As an organization, our number one priority above anything else is continuing to take the necessary steps to foster the current state of the game while doing everything in our power to continue its rate of growth. What Viking and Corona Light are doing for this sport with this will undoubtedly allow for significant steps forward in achieving that goal. We’re thrilled to be able to support this league,” said Rob Coster, APTA President.


Thank you APTA, Viking and Corona Light for a great inaugural season!


Champions of the Region 3, Cup 3/6 Division of the Viking Low Bounce League sponsored by Corona Light enjoy a cold one after the thrill of victory. 

2014 Low Bounce Champions Region 3

From Wallingford Swim & Racquet Club L-R, Back Row with their Viking weapons of choice: Tracey Atkins (on the IR after a torn meniscus), Diana Campbell, Annette Bushman, Kate Crawford, Jen Brower, Chris Brennan. Kneeling with the spoils of victory compliments of Corona Light: Vicky Huestis, Donna Painter, Anne Clauss

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