The APTA Welcomes Our New Board Members

May 9, 2016
Chicago, IL

The 2016 APTA Board Meeting wrapped up on Saturday, May 7, 2016, after three productive days in Winnetka and Highland Park, Illinois. New APTA board members Dan Englander, Ron Erskine, Cam Lanphier, Anton Mavrin, Pete Rose, Reb Speare, and Gerri Viant brought vital energy and expertise to the group.

The APTA would like to thank everyone who attended the Annual Meeting on Thursday evening. We appreciate your support and effort. Also, we thank Indian Hill Club and Exmoor Country Club for their hospitality.

Pictured below: APTA Board of Directors and Staff

Front Row: Gerri Viant, Cooey Lyon, Patty Hogan, Executive Director Ann Sheedy, Freddy Goldenberg, Cam Lanphier, Sara Lanthier, Writer/Editor Nindy Pike
Middle Row: Ron Erskine, Shannon Vinson, Scott Bondurant, Reb Speare, J. Stanley, Courtia Worth, IT Director Isabel Cabanne
Back Row: John Noble, Bill O'Brien, George Douaire, Mark Parsons, Ray Crosta, Pete Rose, Anton Mavrin
Not Pictured: Dan Englander, David Lee

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