APTA Hosts League Summit

June 24, 2020

The APTA invited the league chairs from around the country to join the June League Summit, a three-day conference via Zoom meetings to share best practices, address individual or common concerns, and offer in-depth information about Paddlescores and PTI, among other topics.

The APTA President Tiernan Cavanna, APTA CEO Amin Khadduri, and APTA Board Member Demian Johnston introduced and facilitated the agenda, which included topics for all types and sizes of leagues. At one point, over 55 participants joined the call; most topics had about 30 participants listening and contributing.


  • League Governance (incorporation/insurance)
  • Platform Tennis Index (PTI)
  • Tournaments for League players
  • APTA Grants & Loans for public-access facilities
  • Paddlescores and it’s new features
  • League Structure/Play
  • COVID-19
  • Technology Roundtable

The APTA appreciates our volunteers around the country and are extremely pleased with the participation, the interest in always improving our game, and the collegiality of all involved.

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