APTA Board Positions: Are you the right person?

January 16, 2020

The APTA is looking for platform tennis enthusiasts who are willing to give the organization their time to help advance our sport. This year we are seeking thoughtful, dedicated candidates for the APTA Board to spearhead our efforts in the following two areas:

IT: A candidate should have experience managing technology development and implementation, knowledge of user experience design, and facility for implementing mobile apps, websites, and video streaming. Leadership skills and strength in overseeing development of the APTA’s digital technologies are key, as is the ability to direct and collaborate with staff, tech contractors, and content providers. The candidate must have an awareness of emerging technologies and industry best practices, as well as a strong passion for the game and the work of the APTA.

Treasurer: A candidate should have the ability to prepare the fiscal year budget, monitor expenses, communicate with the board regarding the APTA financial position and get necessary approvals, review independent auditors statements and tax returns, and work closely with Executive Committee and Investment Committee. Essential characteristics include a love of platform tennis and a keen desire to help the APTA carry out its mission.

Interested candidates should send their qualifications to Ann Sheedy at ann.sheedy@platformtennis.org no later than February 1, 2020.

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