Atlanta Hosts APTA Annual Meeting

MAY 7-8, 2010

The 2010 APTA annual meeting and election took place this weekend at the Cherokee Town Club in Atlanta, GA. Each year the APTA board gathers to hold an open annual meeting, elect new and returning directors, and conduct business.

2010 New APTA Board MembersOn Friday the board convened at noon and spent a long afternoon working.  This meeting is the only time during the year when the entire board meets in person, so the agenda is extensive. About half of the business is conducted on Friday, with the remainder tackled Saturday. Agenda items include the budget, rules, exhibitions, grants and growing the sport, the Junior Tour, Platform Tennis Magazine, membership, regional concerns, branding, seniors, the player's committees, and many other topics.

At 6:30 the board and a group of APTA members gathered for cocktails and the annual meeting. President Tim McAvoy opened the meeting, welcoming attendees and introucing the executive committee. Alia Main then presented a report on the budget. The APTA is  fiscally sound and living within its means. Following the financial report, each of the seven regional presidents stood up and gave a report.

The next order of business was the election. Katie Bliss, Mark Kebe, Juan Martinez Arraya and Tom Safford were voted in for their first terms. Tina Kelly and Peter Lauer were voted in for their second terms. After the election, reports were given on the Junior Tour and the Growth committee's work, and thanks were extended to departing board members Sally Cottingham, Fred Gumbinner, Marina Ohlmuller and Todd Ward.

The meeting adjourned and everyone moved on to board member Peter Lauer's house for a party.

On Saturday the board convened again to work through the rest of their business. The meeting wrapped up at 3:00 so everyone could enjoy the remainder of the weekend, Mother's day, and in one case a child's college graduation.

2010 APTA Board Meeting 2010 APTA Board Meeting
2010 APTA Board Meeting 2010 APTA Board Meeting
2010 APTA Board Meeting 2010 APTA Board Meeting
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