Bloopers With Patty Hogan And Gerri Viant

August 26, 2016
Wilmington, DE

Interview Gerri Patti
A Live Streaming mishap

If you were watching the 2016 APTA Nationals Women’s Final, you may have wondered about the dead air during the first set.

Gerri Viant was intently watching the match from her chair, with Patty Hogan standing behind her in the APTA Live Streaming tent. It was a cold morning. Patty started hopping up and down, wondering why her feet were so warm. When she looked down, she saw melting rubber oozing out from her shoes. She tapped Gerri on the shoulder and pointed. Realizing that Patty’s boots were basically on fire, they both started giggling. Since they were on air, and exuding professionalism, they had to quiet laugh, like when you are in church. It took them about three minutes to get it together. Gerri added, “I didn’t want to say anything on air because we finally got a heater in the tent and I didn’t want it taken away.”

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