Christina Kelly Debuts Her First Novel, "GOOD KARMA"

May 22, 2017

Christina KellyChristina Kelly, lifelong paddle player, APTA volunteer, and author of the platform tennis history PASSING SHOTS, debuts her first novel, GOOD KARMA, on June 6. Here, Kelly answers some questions about her involvement with the game of paddle and her new book, which is garnering rave reviews.

You have a long history with paddle. How have you been involved in the game, both on and off the court? I started playing when I was 10 with the encouragement of my father, Art Houlihan, and older brother, Tom. Unfortunately, my paddle career peaked a little early with two national junior titles, but I’ve had lots of fun since then. I’ve ghostwritten the Emily NetPost etiquette column in Platform Tennis magazine since its beginning five years ago and enthusiastically served on the APTA board from 2006 to 2012.

Good KarmaWhat inspired you to write your first book, Passing Shots?  Rich Lombard and Bob Brown {from the Hall of Fame Foundation} approached me in 2008 to create the sport’s first coffee table book. Since platform tennis is so visual with such a rich history, I thought it was a great idea.

Your new book, and first novel, Good Karma, is completely different from Passing Shots. What made you decide to write fiction? In 2010, my husband retired and we relocated from Westchester to Savannah. Contrary to what I expected, retirement (at least for us) isn’t relaxing into an armchair of late middle age—it’s a tornado of social adventures and new opportunities. There’s quite a lot of humor in the complexities of retirement, the foibles of aging, and the quirks of a long marriage.

Give a quick synopsis of Good Karma. A long-married couple retire to a gated community in Savannah. Basically, the husband plays too much golf so the wife gets into trouble. It’s an amusing look at baby boomers and their transition to retirement.

Where can we buy Good Karma? It’s published by HarperCollins, so their website has links to all on-line retailers, including Amazon. It will be available at Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, and I’ve just been informed that Walmart, Sam’s Club and Target will carry it, too.

Are you still playing paddle? Other racquet sports? Yes, The Landings [in Savannah] has two paddle courts so there’s an active group that plays when the weather cooperates. Also, I’m on a competitive women’s tennis team, play social mixed, and have recently discovered the joys of pickleball.

Now you’ve written a coffee table book and a novel—what’s next? I’m several chapters into my next novel. I’d like to think I’ve found my niche and my voice.  

Please tell me anything else you’d like the paddle community to know!  First, thanks. I appreciate every reader and would love to hear from you. Second, Emily NetPost always needs your etiquette questions so bring ‘em on.  Third, long live the APTA!

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