Diane Straus - THE Champion of Platform Tennis

December 26, 2017

Diane Straus

A memorial service will be held on January 27th at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC at 2pm.

The platform tennis community has lost its most decorated champion and one of its most gracious members. Diane Straus died December 20, 2017, in Washington, DC.  Diane, a member of the APTA Hall of Fame, won 29 National titles, including six Women’s National Championships and two Mixed National Championships, most recently the 2017 Mixed 60+ and Women’s 60+. She was so much more than her medals, but that is how we knew her best. When she wasn’t on the courts around DC, she was the Publisher of the Washington Monthly.

A warm and gracious person, Diane was the epitome of the ideal platform tennis competitor. As her biography in the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame states, “Even with such an outstanding record, perhaps her most compelling legacy was how she played the game, her demeanor, her piercing yet happy eyes, her smile when either winning or losing, and her fairness, sportsmanship, and partnership skills. One of her long-time paddle friends said, ‘It was always the greatest pleasure to play with or against her. One knew that the competition and sportsmanship would be at the highest level possible.’”

Diane was a partner and friend to players around the country, who all have the deepest sympathy for her family and the superb wisdom that knowing her and playing with or against her was a special treat.

Gerri Viant: Diane was a wonderful ambassador for our sport and a huge part of so many in our paddle community. 

Courtia Worth: Diane was always smiling, always gracious. You would have thought every trophy or medal she won was her first. Diane was always the measure—how many games or points could you get against her.

Tim McAvoy:  In the history of platform tennis, no one has captured more gold medals and
few have captured more hearts. She was a fierce competitor but an incredibly loyal friend—two of her finest qualities, in my mind.

You are missed, Diane. Rest in peace.
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