Find your PTI and register for a national championship

How to Find Your PTI (Platform Tennis Index)

The APTA is pleased to announce that all APTA members can now look up their Platform Tennis Index (PTI) when they log in to their account on the APTA website. For anyone interested in competing in one of this year's 13 PTI National Championships or in any PTI tournament held in any region throughout the country, you will need your PTI when you register.

You have a PTI if:

  • You play or have played in a tournament that uses Live Scoring on the APTA site this season. FOR MEN: any tournament with Live Scoring this season or last counts. FOR WOMEN: any one of the following tournaments from 2019-2020—Patterson, Lake Invitational, Connecticut Classic, Chicago Charities, Cleveland Masters, West Penn, Long Island, Colorado Open and B, and Beacon Hill—counts.
  • You play in a league that uses the Paddlescores website and permits the APTA to run league match data through the PTI algorithm.

Steps for finding your PTI on the APTA website. (Note: Any APTA member who participates in a league using Paddlescores where your PTI is already displayed won't need this look-up feature.)

Step 1 Use the "My Account" button located on the top right of the APTA home page

Step 2 Log in to your account. If you don't know and aren't able to retrieve your username or password, please email Please do not create a new account if you are already an APTA member (the new account will not have a PTI associated with it)

Step 3 Once you log in, click on "My Account" on the far left of the blue bar.

Step 4 Click on "Tournaments & Partners" and your PTI should be there next to your Ranking points and Ranking or by itself if you do not have a ranking.

Contacts For questions regarding logging into the APTA website, For questions regarding your PTI, Amin Khadduri at

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