Crest Hollow Rescues Platform Tennis Program

DECEMBER 17, 2009

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In April ‘09, the Huntington YMCA decided to discontinue its platform program. Things were looking bleak for the 53 platform players who called the Y home. Now, just eight months later, we have seen dramatic positive developments.

When Eileen Knauer, Executive Director of the Y, called the team captains to inform them of the decision to eliminate the last completely public platform tennis program on Long Island, there was a collective gasp. A group of dedicated players quickly joined forces and started looking for potential new homes. An early critical moment was the willingness of the Y to donate the courts. All that was needed was an entity to accept the donation. Enter the APTA. An agreement to donate the courts from the Y to the APTA was promptly negotiated. The APTA found two anonymous donors to pay for the deconstruction of the courts. By late July, the courts were in storage just waiting for a new home.

The team captains compiled a list of clubs and municipalities on Long Island that might have an interest in the courts and made numerous presentations. Several clubs showed a serious interest. Then, in early September, Rich Hause, Captain of the Division 3 team, had a stroke of genius. Crest Hollow Country Club (CHCC), located on Jericho Turnpike in Woodbury, would be a perfect location for the courts. Not too far from Huntington, but right off the major highways, CHCC was situated perfectly. Now all that needed to be done was to convince Richard Monti that platform tennis would be a great addition to his club. The argument was easy. Platform was the perfect complement for his 11 tennis courts and Olympic-size swimming pool. Richard was so taken with the project that he decided to add a third court to the original two from the Y. Plans were drawn up for not only the courts, but a beautiful chalet as well as some gorgeous landscaping.

Now all that was missing was a new Head Professional for the Club. Richard Monti wanted someone who could handle the tennis as well as the platform. As with everything else with this project, things fell quickly into place. Anton Mavrin was looking for just such a position. Anton, who has been teaching tennis and platform tennis professionally in Huntington for several years, was eager to find a club and expand the existing program. At CHCC he would have the opportunity to grow the tennis and launch platform tennis. Before the courts were even completed, 65 people had signed up to be members in CHCC’s inaugural season! In year two, the goal is to reach 100 players. The legacy of a completely open membership, started at the Huntington YMCA would be continued at CHCC.

None of this would have been possible without the cooperation of the APTA. Tim McAvoy and his team stepped in when help was needed. Eileen Knauer’s assistance was also critical. Her commitment to the program outlasted the program itself, impressive to say the least. Thanks to the help of these people, as well as the captains group, CHCC is headed in the right direction to say the least. What a great all-around team effort!






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