2013 Nationally Ranked Players Unscientific Survey

February 19, 2013

SurveyIn this entirely unscientific, just-for-fun, small-sample survey, we sent out a questionnaire to our top nationally ranked players - 50 women and 50 men - to see who ranked and who was blanked. There were a few more categories, like best trash-talker, best dresser, funniest, and favorite city to play in, which didn’t make the final cut. There may be a few own-votes in here, but that is half of the entertainment value. Read it and weep, or use it to your advantage next time you face these players on the court. 

Men 1st Runner-Up
Best Volleyer Johan du Randt 33% Steve DeRose 17%
Quickest Johan du Randt 32% Sebastian Bredberg 16%
Best Overhead Brian Uihlein 50% Johan du Randt 31%
Best Return of Serve Mark Parsons 44% Johan du Randt 22%
Fiercest Competitor Scott Bondurant, Mike Stulac 28% Drew Broderick 22%
Best Blitzer Johan du Randt 33% Mark Johnson, Mike Stulac 22%
Best Serve Lennart Jonason, Brian Uihlein 24% Chris Gambino, Chris Struck 18%
Best Lobber Scott Bondurant, Flip Goodspeed 22% Drew Broderick, Mike Gillespie 17%
Best Forehand Johan du Randt 81% Denny English, Chris Gambino, Mark Johnson 6%
Best Backhand Mark Parsons 89% Drew Eberly, Peter Rose 6%
Best Drop shot Juan Martinez-Arraya 44% Mike Stulac 38%
Sportsman Mike Stulac 43% Mark Parsons 17%
Next Star Max LePivert 23% Nathan LeFevre 15%
Winner 2013 APTA Nationals Johan du Randt/Mark Parsons 94% Brian Uihlein/Drew Eberly 6%
Women 1st Runner-Up
Best Volleyer Sandra Birch-Krusos, Amy Shay 19% Liz Jaffe, Viki Stoklasova, Bobo Delaney, Kerri Delmonico 13%
Quickest Viki Stoklasova 38% Lauren Cash 23%
Best Overhead Kerri Delmonico 29% Cindy Prendergast, Lauren Zink 24%
Best Return of Serve Lauren Cash 33% Lauren Zink 27%
Fiercest Competitor Bobo Delaney, Sandra Birch-Krusos 17% 6+ tied 8%
Best Blitzer Bobo Delaney, Roxy Enica 31% Susan Tarzian 15%
Best Serve Kerri Delmonico, Amy Shay 21% Cindy Prendergast, Lynne Schneebeck 14%
Best Lobber Marina Ohlmuller 29% Ana Brzova 19%
Best Forehand Lauren Zink 67% Lauren Cash 20%
Best Backhand Lauren Mandell 42% Keri Flynn, Chelsea Nusslock, Lauren Zink 17%
Best Drop shot Kerri Delmonico 42% Cynthia Dardis 25%
Sportswoman Heather Prop 29% Cindy Prendergast,Lynne Schneebeck 18%
Next Star Roxy Enica 45% Martina Ondrejkova, Viki Stoklasova 18%
Winner 2013 APTA Nationals Kerri Delmonico/Sandra Birch-Krusos 42% Cindy Prendergast/Lauren Zink 17%
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