Jingle Bells

December 2012



In the spirit of the holidays, we bring you Paula Fazli's special GBO (Greater Boston Open)
version of Junglie Bells. Thank you Paula.


GBO Jingle – 2012

Sing to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Racing to the courts, my partner by my side
It's 7:42, I thought we’d have a bye
We pass a coffee shop, oh dear, should we go in?
Want the joe but missing start time really is a sin OHHH

REFRAIN      >> GBO, GBO, GB all the way
Oh what fun it is to play on a wet December day, hey!
GBO, GBO, GB all the way
Oh what fun it is to play on a wet December day.

Hitting off the screens, blitzing like a pro
Volley, drive, and overhead, we're getting in the flow
The points are long and tight, we move in total synch
And then we lose the game, the set, the match in just a blink OHHH


We've played our matches 3, our muscles are a mess
I'm glad we’re out of back draw play, I really must confess
We're hangin' in the hut, watching finals play
Drinking vino, just a teeno, running through the day. OHHH


The highlight is the game, but truly we all know
The game's about the people and the friendships that we grow
So drive on home tonight, the replay in your head
And know the paddle world's alright, as you lay your head to bed OHHH



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