Pros on the Run

March 13, 2015
New York, NY

As many of you may have heard, a group of platform tennis pros and enthusiasts have taken a page from the Caroline Wozniacki book and decided to train for the New York City (half) Marathon in the middle of the season! As with Wozniacki, the group is running for charity. Nine (yes, nine!) athletes have pledged to raise $1000 each for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation ( ), an organization which is revolutionizing the way cancer research is conducted.

Pros on the Run

Several celebrities have taken up the cause of fighting MM in the past few years, including Matt Damon and Tom Brokaw, and now these paddle players/runners—Mark Parsons, Patricio Misitrano, Juan Arraya, John Cassas, Meghan Martuccis, Myrthe Molenveld, Roxy Enica, Brian O’Connor, and David Grow—are going to toe the line this Sunday in New York City. For more on the story, see

Will Parsons have to walk? Will they all reach their donation goals? (Contact any of these players if you want to help.) Look for their results and a story after the race.

Good luck everyone!

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