New Feature in Live Scoring - OUTCOMES

October 15, 2020

A new feature in Live Scoring offers players and fans an in-depth look into the future of the draw. Once a draw is live, one click reveals all the different routes a team could take through the tournament. In easy-to-follow graphics, all locations and match times are shown based on a win or a loss.

Knowing your variable outcomes, you can 1) program your GPS for various locations, 2) count the possible number of matches in your future, and 3) figure out your time between matches (lunch anyone?). Especially this year, without access to huts, you can plan your breaks and find places to warm-up or meet friends.

This tool makes organizing your day easier. Any player or fan can access the draw outcomes and see the possibilities for your own team or your favorite team.


Go to the team’s page through Players/Bios & Matches from the menu, or by clicking on a team name in a draw. Click on the Show Possible Outcomes button below the team’s list of matches.


All possible outcomes are listed, starting with the teams’ latest match.

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