Platform Tennis Virtual Museum and Hall of Fame Is Always Open

July 2, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA

If you have some time on your hands, it is fun to explore the Platform Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame. Accessible on your laptop or phone at

Enjoy a walk in the halls with the greats of the game. Want to know more about Mike Gillespie’s rise to teaching guru? LINK HERE .

Heard the name Rich Maier but are curious about his accolades? LINK HERE. The Hall of Fame Inductee stories reveal the path to greatness and usually unearth a few quirks.

Love the photos from the earliest days of the game in the 1920s and 30s? There are so many classics. LINK HERE . Pining for the good old days when a court cost $400 to build? If only we could go back…oh wait, we can. The VMHOF reveals the rich history of our game and includes many, many great articles, from industry gains to in-depth player profiles, all written with dedication to the subject and sprinkled with light humor.

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