Push Play - Paddle Music

April 25, 2017

“Lively Up” your spring and summer paddle. Get the hut audio system set up, crank some tunes, and turn your playlist into a motivational tool.
Have a song stuck in your head? Before you go slowly crazy, think about the lyrics and how they can help you on the court. Is “Push it real good,” a classic from the 1980s, on continuous loop? Think about working your defensive overheads, pushing them deep.

David Bukowski, Director of Racquet Sports at Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette, Illinois, has over 100 songs to get your paddle rhythm going. Here are a few. Look for more in Platform Tennis Magazine arriving in your mailbox any day now. His playlist is so long, we’ll be publishing more of it in the upcoming issues.

“Ballroom Blitz”  Sweet Blitz
"Down the Line"  Buddy Holly Lob down the line to avoid the Pick and Stick and to see more shots come your way. Lob cross court to setup your partner.
"Higher" Creed Low lobs are short lobs, hit your lobs higher to put your opponents on defense.
"Hit Me With your Best Shot" Pat Benatar Figure out what your opponents do best, and avoid that losing pattern.  If I allow you to hit me with your best shot," I deserve to lose the point. 
"In the Cage"  Genesis Where the game is played!
“Just the Two of Us”   Bill Withers Singles, anyone? Doubles, eveyone?
“Return to Sender” Elvis Presley Hitting multiple shots to the same player will catch them out of position.  Return to sender when they are driving and volley at their feet. Drive the player you just lobbed--they will most likely be the player off the net.
“Ring of Fire” Johnny Cash Hit your defensive overheads to the safe/dump zone also referred to as the "Ring of Fire," usually left of center to a backhand.
“The Middle” Jimmy Eat World Hit your shots to the middle for the highest percentage. It's the lowest part of the net and the part of the court with the most real estate on either side.
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