Q & A at Paddle Nationals

March 11, 2018
Chicago, IL
by Linda W. Ball

Question: What are you enjoying about watching the Nationals?

2018 Natls Kathy Dodd
Kathy Dodd

“It’s great to see the variety of play. I love the camaraderie of the spectators.”

2018 Natls Kara Brittingham 
Kara Brittingham

“I feel like I’m watching a different sport than the one I play! Their athleticism and anticipation is beyond me. I just watch with my mouth open.”

2018 Natls Jeremy Shull 
Jeremy Shull

“I came to watch the top teams in the country play. In any sport, you want to see how the very best do it.”

2018 Natls Kelly Kenney 
Kelly Kenney

“I played in the tournament and it was so fun. I love watching the men’s finals and their caliber of play. They seem to remain so calm in the face of intense pressure. I wish it were the beginning of the season instead of the end because now I’m full of new ideas to take to the court.

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