March 10, 2015
Chicago, IL

The Region V Women’s President Cup team, local favorites from the Midwest, once again topped the seven team competition at the President’s Cup challenge at Nationals this season. With a format where every region played each other (five team matches per competition), Region V held off a last ditch effort from three other teams and held the heavy trophy proudly. Their festive, striped hats with pom-poms could be seen bobbing around the President’s Cup celebration dinner.

Congratulations to (L to R, back row) Mary Doten, Denise Murphy, Alice Waverley, Sarah Williams, Chelsea Nusslock, Alison Morgan, Marina Ohlmuller, Lisa Goldberg (L to R, front row) Shawna Zuccarini, Hallie Bodman, Liz Hayward, Shannon Vinson, Sally Jones.

Threepeaters Region II Men’s President Cup members rolled through the early rounds, with an incredibly deep team of players from the top 20. Possibly the most fun pairing was Juan Arraya and Max LePivert, who seemed to be amusing themselves with a spin competition. In the finals, Region V fought the good fight, winning two of five matches, but Region II prevailed.

Congratulations to (L to R) Jared Palmer, Mark Parsons, Faycal Rhazali, Max LePivert, Mikk Irdoja, Mark Innes, Karl Levanat, Captain Alex Seiler, Martin Bostrom, Jeff Morneau, Sebastian Bredberg, Juan Arraya, Johan du Randt

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