Celebrating 30 Years of Women’s Round-Robin Play

Vikki Caines
January 27, 2016
Princeton, NJ

Platform tennis began in Princeton, New Jersey, 40 years ago. We initially had two courts and as the demand grew we added two more courts. Back then there were men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles leagues. Since then, we’ve added more teams, fielding A and B divisions. Our favorite program is the Women’s Round Robin League.

The Women’s Round Robin League is comprised of retirees and professional women who come together every Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM to enjoy the sport and have lots of fun.

This season we are celebrating two women who are faithfully a part of the league, Ruth Sayer and Patti McCarthy.

Ruth said: “I have been playing paddle for almost 30 years. I love having an outdoor activity in the cold weather and the excitement of the points. Since I started playing at the Community Park courts 10-12 years ago, I have met so many interesting people who I would not have known otherwise.”

Patti said:” I love playing paddle at the Community Park Courts and have been for the last 10 years with this group. The women are terrific and I love the relaxed atmosphere with this group. We have fun and lots of laughs, plus we get a great workout outdoors in the cold weather.”

Their season runs from mid-November through March. Princeton Recreation Department Platform Tennis Courts are located at Community Park South. In early October, free “refresher” clinics are offered, designed for both newcomers to the sport as well as veteran players. Jessica Fisher, a PPTA coach currently ranked 9th nationally, volunteers to run these clinics for the Princeton Recreation Department.

“Paddle Gals” are all smiles on this beautiful fall day.

Princeton Gals!
Kneeling:-Vikki Caines (Captain)
Front Row left to right Keli Lynch, Patti McCarthy, Ruth Kaplan, Ruth Sayer, Susan Kanter, Emily Reeves Susan Voorhees, Mary Lott
Back Row Beatrice Bloom, Carrie Elwood, Michael Marie Hill, Lisa Callaway, Patty Sanson, Rosalind Hansen
Not pictured: Pam Wetherill, Lana Jay Spencer and Toni Schreiber
Photo Credit: Ben Stentz

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