Philly Viking Low Bounce League Big Hit!

June 1, 2014
Wallingford, PA

The Viking Low Bounce League is experiencing a great inaugural season thanks to lots of enthusiasm in Region 3. On the women’s side, two leagues were formed with the Cup1/2 Series fielding four teams, and the Cup 3/7 Series fielding five teams.

2014 Philly Low Bounce The Gang 
Here are some images captured Week 3, when the gracious women of Philadelphia Cricket Club hosted the fierce and fun Wallingford women.

  2014 Philly Low Bounce Pikes & Friend2014 Philly Low Bounce 4 in clu

2014 Philly Low Bounce Fun

Wallingford employed some serious strategies that they worked on pre-match. 2014 Philly Low Bounce P&L

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