5th Annual Dollar Bill's America's Guest Invitational

April 13, 2019
Villanova, PA
Bill Brazer

The America’s Guest Invitational (AGI) is an invitational A/B paddle tennis tournament pairing teaching professionals and tournament players with competitive B players. The AGI competition committee makes up the pairings primarily to forge new friendships based on compatible personality traits and party index ratings to ensure a balanced draw. Partnerships are revealed the night before the tournament. 24 teams competed at host club Conestoga Swim Club, Overbrook Golf Club, Waynesborough Country Club and Martin's Dam Swim Club.

The AGI is best known for its quality of characters and personalities, the swaggy participant gift and for the killer party atmosphere. A special thank you to Juan Carlos Cotto for his professionalism in scheduling the draws and his acquisition of the sweet Viking jackets. The jackets were provided to each player with help from our generous sponsors; Omnilift (Brian Boyle) and Synergy Electrical Sales (Larry Rodger) *contact Larry for your court lighting needs. Thank you to the following friends for allowing us to use their club's courts: Steve Hall, Vlatko Najdek and Steve McGregor.

Champions: Father and son duo David Geatz/DJ Geatz
Finalists: Chris Johnston/Eric Niesen
Quarterfinal Reprieve: Chris Bond/Eric Scharpf
Consolation: Ryan Jones/Ryan Krey

5th Annual Dollar Bill's America's Guest Invitational

L-R Juan Carlos Cotto (tournament chairman) Chris Johnston (finalist) David Geatz (champion) DJ Geatz (champion) Eric Niesen (finalist) $ Bill Brazer (tournament host)

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