Another Inferno at Four Bridges

OCTOBER 25, 2010

The 5th Annual Four Bridges Inferno Cup took place on September 20th under the lights featuring 7 teams w/ each team consisting of A/B player(Div.2 & 3 levels). The format featured each team taking a shot at every team playing an 8 game pro set. To make it very competitive and exciting, the format was to win as many games as possible not overall victories. Coming into the final round, 5 of the 7 teams were in contention to capture the crown, but sqeaking it out by 1 game was the team of Dave Geppert & Rob Forster(who won previous year). Congrats to all who participated and had an awesome night of Platform Tennis!

Teams Participating:

Eric Hendy/Scot Hall
Barry Rudell/Sean Madigan
Kevin Motley/Kerry Snyder
Terry Estes/Rick Phillips
Dave Geppert/Rob Forster
Randy Underwood/Tom Eisenzimmer
Jim Martin/Mark Sulekpic

2010 Inferno Cup

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