Chicago’s Monday Night League, It’s Ladies Night

January 28, 2020
Chicago, IL

By Linda Ball

The North Shore Women’s Platform Tennis League, in the Chicago suburbs, recently started a Monday night competitive league for women. Most of the women playing in the new league work during the day which doesn’t allow them to participate in the Thursday daytime league.

The idea was an immediate success, with 160 women playing at eight clubs using three courts. There are six “B” leagues and 10 “C” leagues. In contrast, the Thursday daytime league includes approximately 2000 players at 41 clubs on the North Shore of Chicago as well as some on the Southwest side. There are 15 series, 10 teams per series, and 10 members per team, plus substitutes. Laurie Kohl, who is organizing the new program for the NSWPTL, said, “It has really opened the sport to women who cannot play during the day and we are hoping to make it bigger.”


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