Bitsy Grant Opens with Clinics and Exhibitions

September 26, 2016
Atlanta, GA

2016 Bitsy Grant KidsThe Bitsy Grant Grand Opening was a great success on September 25th. Over 150 people participated in events throughout the afternoon and evening. Pros Anton Mavrin, Patricio Misitrano, Liz Cruz, and Martina Ondrejkova held clinics for women, juniors, mixed groups, and a class for professionals, working with several tennis pros from Bitsy Grant and other clubs in the area demonstrating how to teach platform tennis.

Mavrin and crew put on quite a show. Not only were they incredibly helpful with their instruction, they played a mixed doubles exhibition, and added a men’s doubles exhibition featuring local talent Graham McNerney and Marcel Lima. A good percentage of the event attendees had never played or seen paddle before. One was heard saying, “New sport to add to my list—and I am in love with it.” A special addition to the crowd—Tour tennis pro James McGee from Ireland—felt the same way. Hope to see all the new players on the courts soon.

2016 Bitsy Grant ClinicThe Grand Opening featured a fully catered dinner, music, a raffle for an adult and junior Viking paddle racquet, and WSBTV was on hand to film a news segment. Thanks to all of the volunteers who put on an inspiring event, the pros whose enthusiasm was infectious, and to Viking for generously sponsoring the APTA Clinics and Exhibitions.

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