Junior Tennis Players learn paddle to help their tennis game.

July 18, 2016
Altanta, GA

Junior tennis players in Atlanta leaning paddle to help their tennis game

2016 Atlanta Juniors Group 

Jason Parker, Director of Junior Development at Atlanta’s Olde Townes Athletic Club, was bitten by the paddle bug last winter. Now, he wants the junior tennis players he coaches to see what he’s so excited about. 

The kids Jason coaches are online schooled so they can train all day long. He feels that not only is paddle a fun way to take some time away from the tennis courts, but also that playing it can significantly improve their tennis games.

“I think playing paddle definitely helps your tennis volleys,” Jason notes. “After hitting reflex paddle volleys, tennis volleys feel so nice and slow. I also like the way the kids get a lot of practice serving and volleying playing paddle, and learn how important it is to get to the net.”

The Olde Towne juniors are making several trips a week to the paddle courts at the Bitsy Grant facility and are thrilled with the new addition to their schedule!

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