Region VII Presidents Gather

January 31, 2018
Winston-Salem, NC

On January 27, all of Region VII’s past and present Presidents gathered at the 17th annual Southern Invitational NRT/Viking PCQ. Region VII was created in May 2005 as a way to actively grow the sport in the South; its first full solo season was 2005-06. Kudos to all southern paddle enthusiasts for embracing the sport and working to promote its growth in the region.

Region 7 Presidents
Left to right: Eric Miller (Charlotte, current Region VII President); Rich Green (Chapel Hill, past President); Peter Lauer (Atlanta, Region VII’s second President); Taylor Bowen (Charlottesville; founder and first President of Region VII); and southern paddle enthusiast extraordinaire Jimbo Galloway of Winston-Salem (Southern Invitational Tournament Chair).

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