Spotlight on Peachtree Paddle League

January 11, 2017
Atlanta, GA

2017 PeachtreeTennis doesn’t have a monopoly on racquet sports in Atlanta anymore! Peachtree Paddle’s brand new league is off and running, with the first men’s and women’s team-based paddle leagues in Atlanta debuting this week.

According to Freddy Goldenberg, who was instrumental in organizing the league, “it was very exciting to see almost everything go off without a hitch (we had to deal with some icy courts this morning for women’s play – we used a hair dryer for melting.) We have 102 men and 40 women participating in League Play, and our total league membership has grown from 92 last year to 146 this year (peanuts compared to the Midwest and Northeast, but growing fast!)” At the rate that new players are taking to the game in Atlanta, there is no doubt that the league will continue to grow and flourish.

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