Volley Sponsorship - An Introduction from CEO John Weinlader


Hello members of the APTA. We are so glad  the 2023-2024 paddle season is ramping up!

I am the co-founder and CEO of Volley, and I am thrilled to announce that we are the Official Sponsor of the APTA this year. We want to extend an invitation to the paddle community to try our AI-enabled training experience that helps players & pros find more opportunities to play the game we all love.  

I’m a fellow paddle player in the Chicagoland area, and it’s my passion for the sport that led me and my brother, Dan, to develop the world’s first comprehensive racquet sports training experience. Like most platform tennis players today, I was frustrated with the lack of opportunities to practice and improve my game–and thus, Volley was born. Backed by cutting-edge technology including unique vision software, Volley provides ball-tracking, player-tracking, and court positioning to simulate point play, including serves, drives, volleys, lobs, screens, and specialty shots. The system can record sessions for off-the-court learning and provides personalized shot stats for real-time player analysis and pro support, all from a smartphone.

Our seasoned team, including former pros, has a track record of building industry advancing tech companies, and we developed our game-changing trainer at Volley’s state-of-the-art performance and testing center.

Thanks to our partnership with the APTA, the overseers of the game of platform tennis, more of you will be able to experience the power of Volley’s trainer. Please check us out at APTA tournaments and sponsorship events. And ask your pro about a Volley lesson today!

In the meantime, see how Volley is helping beginners and experienced players alike, in this recent TV segment that aired in Chicago. 

Volley is honored to be part of this community, and we are committed to making the most of our time with the APTA. 

See you on the court!


What is Volley?

Volley is a portable ball trainer that easily rolls onto the court and has multiple computers and cameras to replicate real-life shots and play scenarios.  It does this by leveraging vision algorithms and machine learning (aka AI) to track play on the court.  Volley can feed any paddle shot -  serves, drives, volleys, lobs, screens, and even specialty shots such as cutters, waterfalls, and even “hitting the nick.” Additionally, its system can video record sessions for off-the-court learning and provide personalized shot stats for real-time player analysis.  The trainer is controlled through your smartphone and can also be used for other racquet sports such as tennis, padel, and, coming soon, pickleball.

What are the benefits?

Volley enables pros to concentrate their expertise on coaching players by allowing them to be on the same side of the net during a lesson because they no longer need to serve balls.  A pro can run a lesson full of widely varied shots with high frequency and accuracy, all while keeping their focus on their player, including even assigning homework with the trainer between lessons.  Players receive even more access to the game they love; we all know that coordinating schedules with other paddle players for a match can be difficult.  Now, Volley allows players the flexibility to train on their schedule with a library of workouts tailored by skill level.  


What will the APTA and Volley partnership entail? 

Throughout the season, you will find Volley at the APTA Tour events. In addition, Volley will be featured on the newly-launched APTA website homepage, Live Scoring pages, the News section, and on APTA live streaming events. 

In the coming weeks, Volley will be sharing some helpful articles that will be sent to your inbox, which include:

  • Ways that pros can integrate Volley into their programs and lesson plans
  • Featured workouts
  • How to create your own training using the Volley platform

Lastly, there will be live demonstrations at APTA events for the public, which we are very excited about.

How can I book a session with Volley?

Volley is available to all clubs and pros with no upfront cost, so check with your local club to see if they are using Volley.   As a club member, players can subscribe to receive access to a vast library of workouts, shots, and personal player data.  Pros and players can also create their own training workouts and share them with other members.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram @trainwithvolley. 

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