Player Profile - Spencer Caravaggio


Spencer Caravaggio:

I’m originally from Sewickley, Pennsylvania. I’m now living in Northbrook, Illinois on Chicago’s North Shore. I am a racquets professional at North Shore Country Club. 

I started playing tennis at age 2 1/2. My mom was an aerobics instructor at the Edgewood Club. They put me in some classes just to get me to run around so I wasn't bugging her all the time. I originally wasn't much of a tennis player. I only played in the summer. I was a swimmer, but Bill Dollard noticed that I had a talent for tennis and suggested that I start training. I trained for about 10 years at the Pennsylvania Tennis Academy. After that, I played junior tennis throughout the Middle States and nationally.

I played college tennis at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. After graduation, I got into teaching and then into paddle. I think one of my biggest gifts is that I'll stand on my head if you tell me that will let me win. If I can do that and figure out a way to scrap to the top, I'd love to do it. I get away with a lot of things I probably shouldn't just by being quick. That and my ability to adapt. Also, I have no pride on one side of the court or the other. If I have to give up the net, I'm okay with it. If I have to take the net, I'm okay with it. 

Everybody has a different paddle story. For me, it's a little bit more personal. I met my best friend and my life partner and soon-to-be husband, Mitch Granger, through the game. I couldn't be more grateful for that. I've also met lifelong friends. My matron of honor I met through paddle. My maid of honor I met through paddle. And also other people who are going to be in our lives forever.

For some, it's a career and for others, it's a hobby. For me, paddle really is a love of mine and it's something that I hope, no matter if I'm playing or not, is in my life forever.

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