How to Succeed in Warmer Weather


Warm Weather Paddle Tips
August 29, 2023

When it is warm in the early fall, the ball is way bouncier, so we need to make the following adjustments to succeed. 

On the Baseline

  1. Shorter Backswings—the shorter the backswing, the more control
  2. Screens—use the screens more, look for screen drives
  3. More Topspin—more topspin=more control

At the Net

  1. Push Overheads—Hit your push overheads even softer to avoid screen drives.
  2. Let It Go—Let drives that have been hit hard go and bounce back to you from the backscreen.
  3. Volleys—Don’t reach out on volleys, absorb the pace.


Major Key Alert

Relax your grip. If 10 is the tightest you can squeeze your paddle and 1 is the most relaxed, you should be at a 4/10 at the most.

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