Hut Of The Month: The Patterson Club, Fairfield CT


The Patterson Club’s new hut in Fairfield, Connecticut was built in 2020 with a growing membership in mind. “One of the intentions was to create a gathering place for our membership, which has been growing tremendously for the last several years. Not only where they could get together to play paddle but what comes after paddle,” said GM/COO Tom Bartek. 

The former racquets building at The Patterson Club was spacious but lacked personality and had limited viewing. Christine Cremin, Winter Racquets Co-Chair, said, “Because of regulations, we weren’t able to tear it down or build it up. So, we came up with a different idea.”

The new hut has high beamed ceilings, a kitchen and small bar, a stone fireplace, seating for about 50, an expansive outdoor patio area, and great views of all five courts. It is used for all types of events, from business meetings to holiday parties. Will Boe-Weigaard, Assistant Director of Racquets added, “It is a point of pride.” 

Racquets Chair Larry de Maria said, “It was well thought out. The membership knew we needed it and certainly wanted it. Ultimately, it brings the community together.”

Check out their new hut in the video below


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