Hut Of The Month: Butterfield Country Club in Oak Brook, Illinois


This spacious paddle lodge changed the club into a full-year place to play for Butterfield CC members.

Year Round Offerings

General Manager Scott Azinger: We were one of the first clubs in the western suburbs to put in courts, in 2014. Now that we have 4 courts and a lodge where we host many different activities, we went from a 9-month club to a 12-month club.

The Look

High ceilings with triangular windows to let in light, a free-standing flat stone fireplace in the middle of the lodge, seating for about 50 with plenty of room to roam. A large deck outside has an oversized stone fire pit, outside grill, and plenty of soft chairs.

Growth for the Club

Director of Paddle Shawna Zsinko: Originally, we had one women's team. Now we have about 5-6 women’s teams. We have about 5-8 men's teams on any given year and the program is just booming. Once the first frost comes, we are ready to rock'n'roll.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Member Kristin Korn:The lodge provides a nice casual environment for everybody to come together, have fun, and get a workout.

Check out their new hut in the video below


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