The President of the APTA Board Highlights the Season


Tiernan Cavanna, the outgoing President of the APTA Board, hits the high points of the 2023-2024 paddle season.  

Dear APTA members,

I am so proud of everything we have accomplished as an organization again this season. Here are some of the highlights.  

  • APTA membership grew to 36,000 members, up 10.5% and more than double our membership of 17,000 in 2017. 

  • There were 278 APTA sanctioned tournaments with 472 different draws hosted by APTA Live Scoring or Paddlescores league sites and almost a quarter of our membership played in one of these tournaments.

  • Team Nationals continues to be our biggest event yet with 350 men and over 500 women playing this weekend in New Jersey and Chicago. 

  • 300 players played in 16 PTI National events. 

  • The APTA Tour held 16 events and raised $225,000 of prize money at the tournament level, up 225% from the inaugural 2021/2022 season.

  • Almost 300 juniors played in 8 tournaments including Junior Nationals, which was live streamed. 

  • We launched a new website, expanded and improved our content on social media, and continued to work on our league management tools, Live Scoring capabilities, and tournament support for the hundred of league leaders, tournament directors, and players across the country.  

  • We are proud to have partnered with Volley as our primary sponsor for the APTA Tour and APTA Cup.

  • Since 2019, $577,000 has been awarded to public-access courts and facilities across 21 projects in support of the construction, relocation, and rehabilitation of 41 courts. 

The saying goes “it takes a village” and I am truly grateful and honored to have been a very small part of the incredible group of volunteers and APTA staff who have spent countless hours working together over the last 6 years to better the game. I feel confident that I am leaving the board in excellent hands with your new President, Demian Johnston, but this is not goodbye. I am hanging around to help next season with leagues, APTA Tour events, and PTI and Team Nationals. Please come say hello to me, I expect to have some more free time since my gig is up!  

Cheers, Tiernan 


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