Poll Shows That Volley’s AI-Enabled Simulator Helps Racquets Pros Boost Income


Pros say Volley makes lessons more effective, and that it is helping their bottom line. The Volley team shares survey results, and thanks pros and players around the country for championing their AI-driven trainer.

Volley, innovator of the first AI-enabled racquet sports simulator experience, polled platform tennis and padel and pros who are using the Volley simulator to benchmark its impact on the coaching landscape. 

 “First and foremost, we see our simulator as an asset for pros so that more people can   play the sport they love by finding new ways to engage and improve,” said John   Weinlader, co-founder and CEO of Volley. “The study validates what we’ve heard from our users—Volley enhances coaching abilities for teachers and contributes to the overall success of their racquet sports programs. We are partners to the leaders in this sports arena and want to help foster that collaboration through our technology.”

Survey Results 

Among the findings, 100% or pros polled reported that their income was the same or higher and 35% of pros have seen an increase in income after the introduction of Volley to their program.

The Volley survey shows that more than 70% of pros say their lessons are more efficient with Volley, given the repeatability of the ball feeding and ability to teach on the same side of the net. Moreover, 94% of clubs report court availability is not impacted after getting Volley, meaning its role as a supplemental training tool does not interfere with club routines.            

Pros Believe in Volley

Volley has seen explosive demand and adoption for its simulator and has been deployed to nearly 50 platform tennis and padel clubs nationwide in its first six months since launching.

Lauren Gebbia, Racquets Director for Englewood Field Club, NJ, said, “Volley has transformed the way I teach and has become integral for our program and members. Because of its ease of use and portability, I can incorporate specific shots in lessons and camps. I’ve noticed many members are using it when they don’t have a partner to play with or as a way to warm up before their group gets to the court. It’s also being used as a follow-up tool after our clinics so players can immediately practice what they’ve learned that day.”

Teddy Bouquemont, Head Pro at Westmoreland Country Club, said, “Last year, I was sidelined with a major injury, leaving me unable to play or teach. Because of Volley, I didn't have to cancel my lessons, and I used the simulator to feed shots and analyze player performance. Volley allowed me to pivot my coaching strategy and I could still support my players during my recovery.” 

About Volley

The Volley simulator uses AI technology to analyze player performance and provide personalized feedback, allowing pros to tailor their coaching approach to individual needs. The intuitive interface and comprehensive data analytics give pros the ability to review client videos, track progress over time, and make data-driven decisions to optimize training regimens. Learn more about how Volley supports pros, programs, and players. 

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