Tar Heel 2008

JANUARY 26, 2008

The Tar Heel Mixed APTA tournament at The Chapel Hill Tennis Club took place one year after the amazing Kickoff Exhibition and Clinic which christened our courts with 225 enthusiasts in attendance. Chapel Hill also has a thriving men's league, and the University of North Carolina is installing three courts this summer. These events and accomplishments are wonderful examples of the expansion of platform tennis in Region VII.

Highlights from the 1st Year of Chapel Hill Platform Tennis:
- Kickoff Exhibition and Clinic with 225 in attendance
- Men's League thriving with 55 Players and 5 Teams
- University of North Carolina Campus Recreation orders Three courts
- Junior Tennis Clinics add 20 minute paddle rotations
- Tar Heel Mixed APTA Tournament with 20 Teams
- Tar Heel Men's and Women's APTA Tournaments planned for next season

20 mixed doubles teams competed in Open and B divisions. Half of the Open players traveled in from Savannah, Charlottesville, Long Island, and Winston- Salem.

The tournament was terrific. A wonderful lunch was provided by Tait and Ashley Yoder's Slice Café. Meredith Bolon's baking was magnificent. Carolina brewery's kegs were a special treat as was the after tournament party with wonderful food prepared by half a dozen volunteers.

The weather was perfect, 20s in the morning, 40s in the afternoon, and mostly cloudy. There was a high level of play throughout the draw and almost every match was a battle. Eight of the 15 matches in the Open went three sets. Players commented on how strong and evenly matched the field was.

Four players in the Open and many B participants began playing within the last year. It was amazing to see the difference in Aly Stalzer, Lauren Herman, Greg Archer, and Alan Rader between morning and late afternoon play. Some of these players are ready for serious competition. Hopefully they will consider making a trip to Rochester for President's Cup and Nationals.

The local women had so much fun they were asking when there would be a women's paddle tournament. With the addition of UNC's three courts we hope to schedule a Tar Heel Men's and Women's tournament next season.

Champions: Mark Fischl (Long Island) / Edie Murphy (Winston-Salem)
Finalists: Jimbo Galloway (Winston-Salem) / Lloyd Ford (Winston-Salem)
Reprieve: Greg Archer (Chapel Hill) / Kristen McDonald(Kinney) (Chapel Hill)
Reprieve Finalists: Taylor and Joanna Bowen (Charlottesville, VA)
Consolation: Rich Green (Chapel Hill) / Aly Stalzer (Durham)
Consolation Finalists: Alan Rader (Pittsboro) / Lauren Herman (Hillsborough)
Consolation Reprieve: Daniel and Eileen Galves (Savannah, GA)
B Finalists: Ray McEntee / Katherine Shelburne vs Tom Hunter / Wendy Nelson

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